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Our Articles

Amulets and Talismans

Written by my very good friend Tylluan Penry author of ‘Seeking the Green’; ‘The Magical Properties of Plants And How To Find Them’ and ‘The Essential Guide to Psychic Self Defence’ - all published by Capall Bann

There is a lot of confusion about amulets and talismans. Some say that an amulet prevents bad luck, whereas a talisman brings good luck (think of a lucky charm). Another definition is that an amulet is usually engraved on stone, metal or some other hard substance, while a talisman is inscribed on paper, parchment or even leather under the appropriate astrological conditions. Others will have different definitions. My favourite is that an amulet protects, but a talisman tries to influence a particular event or situation.

Why do we need such things? Belief in the power of certain people to harm others is deep seated and widespread. It’s sometimes called the ‘Evil Eye’ and some people were thought to be so powerful that they could kill trees with their first glance of the morning! The traditional way to disarm this power is to distract it with something else so that the original intention to harm is forgotten. For this you can use anything pretty, dazzling or eye catching. If it appeals to you, then give it a try. What works for one person may not necessarily be as useful for another. Yes, it’s true that some signs have amassed a wealth of meaning and belief over the years, but if something lacks meaning for you personally, then its power will not be as strong. I firmly believe that we can make our own protection. But the important word here is ‘make’ – once you have your amulet or talisman you need to work with it, otherwise it’s just a piece of jewellery. And in fact the earliest jewellery was almost certainly worn for protection – and so was perfume!

Amulets are often curved to represent the horns of the crescent moon, which was sacred to the goddess Diana/Artemis in the Greco-Roman world and to Isis in Egypt. This type of amulet was particularly popular for pregnant women and babies, because the crescent moon is, quite literally, new born. We also see the same shape in other protective symbols, such as horseshoes and the lunar crescents on old horse brasses. Real horseshoes were considered particularly powerful since they were made of iron (protective in its own right!) and forged by smiths, who were always associated with powerful magic. In ancient times horses were often dedicated to the moon and thought to be under its special protection since their hooves left crescent-shaped footprints!

A round amulet on the other hand represents the full moon and is usually a talisman or good luck charm, whereas the crescent moon is more of a protective amulet. Any Roman amulet made of silver was associated with Diana, goddess of the Moon. Keys were also sacred to her, because she used them to open the gates of the sky at dusk so that the moon could travel across the heavens before she locked the gates again at dawn.

Bells of all sizes can be powerful amulets. At home I have dozens of them, ranging from tiny ones no more than an inch high to really large ones standing in their own bell-frames. In ancient Rome, horses competing in chariot races wore bells on their harness for magical protection against the evil eye and sharp practice by other competitors! A similar magical principal applies to cow bells and even Church bells, i.e. that demons and evil spirits feared the sound of metal.

Even the round glass balls used to decorate a Christmas tree had their origins in protective magic. Because of their shape they were particularly useful when you didn’t know exactly where the Evil Eye was coming from. Some – known as witch balls – were very large, up to twelve inches across (30cm) and came in a range of colours including silver, gold, blue, green and red. Although antique Witch Balls are not suitable for outdoor use, shiny globes (sometimes called spirit balls) can be placed in the garden to serve the same protective magical purpose.

Whether you decide to buy or make your amulet/talisman, there are several things you can do to improve its usefulness. Firstly I would recommend cleansing it. That way you will be starting off with a blank page, with no residual energies or negativity to get in the way. There is no single ‘right’ way of cleansing. You can hold it in your hand and say ‘Be cleansed’ and provided you truly mean what you’re saying, it will work. Some people like to ring a bell over the amulet (touch it afterwards and you will feel a pleasant ‘buzz’). Others leave it on a windowsill under a full moon, or hold it in their hand and literally blow any negativity away.

It’s also important to continue to care for it. This is not just a piece of jewellery – handled properly it will interact with you, become your protector. It needs regular polishing and wear. If you keep an amulet for ‘best’ and only bring it out on high days and holidays, it will not be as effective as something you wear often. This is because regular contact with you helps to empower it with a sense of belonging. It becomes your watchdog, your protector. No matter how beautiful your amulet, remember that it won’t work properly unless you keep it with you!

Moondust and Angels Amulets: Amulets and Talisman>

Read more about Tylluan and her books here The Magical World of Tylluan Penry>

Tylluan is also a regular speaker at the Children of Artemis events.

Creating A Magical Garden

Create a magical garden that is full of mystery, a quiet, special place to meditate and relax, to consider and to contemplate

Flowers, plants, trees and herbs have been used and enjoyed by us throughout history as both food and medicine, charms and amulets, as protection, as tokens of love, remembrance and much more.

There is nothing quite like being present with nature and creating a Magical and Sacred space in your garden, this is is a meditation in itself.

Myths, folklore and the history of plants abound about their magical, restorative and spiritual properties

All cultures throughout the world have these stories and myths regarding our plants and herbs, whether for healing, symbolic use, flavouring, spells and magic

Just being in a beautiful garden can heal and lift our spirits on a deep emotional level.

Mother Nature, Earth mother provides for us in every way, however, these days in our urban societies where people are sometimes not lucky enough to have a large outside space we can still create a magical area in a small space with a little imagination, even if there is no outside space we can create something beautiful amd magical in a hanging basket or on a windowsill which will bring the healing and joy of nature to us and the space

If you bring joy and healing into your garden, however small that may be, by tending and feeding and watering your precious plants it will be returned to you three times over

Before deciding what you want to plant and working out what is practical in your space you might like to connect with the spirit of your garden

Meditate in your garden or the space you intend to place your plants and imagine you are in the countryside, in a beautiful tranquil spot, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, you can hear.... ...what?

What is it that fills your heart with peace and joy, what are your favourite flowers, what herbs do you enjoy using, what colours do you love?

Perhaps you can hear water tinkling or the sound of windchimes

Sound, fragrance, sight, texture, colour are all important elements for your garden.

The ability to eat some of the plants, herbs etc from your garden would be a wonderful advantage

Seeds are regarded as lucky charms and talisman, they contain all the information in the tiny object to produce thousands of plants, which is amazing when you think about it.

Bless your seeds before planting, research moon phases, there are certain moonphases when it is better to plant your seeds

Whenever you cut a plant, thank the Earth and the plant for the gift and offer a blessing, either plant something small where the plant has been, a silver coin is a good offering and offer a little prayer to the plant

Sacred Garden Objects include Fairies, Angels, Buddhas, Stones, (regarded as the 'bones of earth')

Create a stone prayer pile in the garden, make wishes, offer blessings etc and each time you do, add a stone, as the pile grows so will the power of the wish and prayer!

You could place stones in symbolic shapes in the garden depending on your beliefs, a spiral shape perhaps or in a mandala shape

Stones in circles or spirals are said to concentrate earth energy, surround precious plants with stones

Create the shape of a Rune with stones, small pebbles or crystals are ideal to do this in a special place in the garden,

Research Runes to find the right one for you

Hag stones (natural stones with a hole right through) are regarded as fairy portals, if you have a tree or woody shrub why not hang these on string and decorate and honour the tree

Add fairy lights to trees, they look beautiful at night and safe outdoor lights are readily available, solar lights are also available and look beautiful too

Crystals in the garden are a wonderful addition and have their own special magic and energy

Amethyst brings in peace and spiritual energy, hematite protection, malachite prosperity

Gardens call out for statues and icons

Your own beliefs will decide which statues and figures you want to add, they should not just be plonked down anywhere however, think about where you feel the statue wants to be, silently consider this and ask your garden who should live there? What do you see?

What calls out to you to be placed in your garden?

Angels ,Fairys, if you love Gothic then Gargoyles and Dragons are for you

Place fairy statues and any female statues near water or in corners with flowering plants, this creates Yin energy

Create yang energy and balance with Male Nature spirits, the Green Man, Pan, Gnomes and Elves for example are best placed peering from bushes and vines, near trees etc

Fairies are happy in any natural setting, the actual fairy or fairy's you choose will feel right in a particular area and you will almost certainly feel this

You can bless and empower a statue to become an actual spiritual presence in your garden

Spray with a salt and water mix first to clear of any residual energy

At special times of one day, at dawn, at midday, at dusk and at midnight take a glass of wine to the statue and pour a little of the wine over it

Bless it with words of your choice which honour it

Ask that it bless, empower and bring peace and joy to your garden and all that enter it

Light a candle (safely) burn incense and place a flower or an offering at it's feet or on it's head in the final blessing at midnight. In fact do whatever feels right to you, there is no right or wrong way, use your research and instincts to find what is right for your statue and your garden

You can create an elemental garden, a Moon garden, a Sun garden, or in different areas of your garden, North, South East and West can be honoured with plants and objects which correspond with the element

Create A Moon Garden

Design and plant a mysterious and enchanting Moon Garden which tramsforms by the light of the Moon into a place which inspires, where dreams are created and the connection between the Earth and the Moon is a beautiful place of tranquility and real Magic!

Flowering plants might include: Nicotinia -this plants flowers open wide under the moonlight and the scent is exquisite

Night scented Stock flowers look unimpressive during the day but the flowers come to life at night and send out the most delicious fragrance throughout the whole garden

Moonflower-yes this does flower under the Moon!

Certain Day Lilys flowers open at night with gorgeous fragrances including Lemond Custard and Night Beacon day lilys

Include shrubs and plants with silvery foliage to compliment the flowers and light up the night garden

Santolina, Lavender, Wooly Lambs Ears, Moonshine Yarrow are just a few, do a little research and see what you can find

Herbs for a Moon Garden

Herbs from the Artemsia species, of which there are hundreds! Some you may wish to include :Wormwood Silver King, Sweet annie, Silver Mound, are a few named after the Greek Goddess Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt

Place some carefuly chosen statues and objects in your Moon Garden, create a focal point, it should be aesthetically pleasing and designed to catch the eye. Try a large reflective glass sphere, a small pond, white or silver objects.

Also include shrubs and plants which correspond with the moon, for example Willow, silver leaved shrubs etc.

A well thought out Moon Garden will sparkle and come alive in the moonlight.

We would love to see photos of your gardens so send us some pics and we will publish them on our site

Communicating Using A Talking Stick

The talking stick has been used by many Native American tribes since ancient times. Sometimes a feather would be used or other sacred object, however whatever the object the rules were the same, while you held the stick and had something to say nobody could interrupt you and everyone had mutual respect for the other persons point of view.

A talking stick is a tool used to give the person holding it the right to speak without interruption, to have the respect of non judgemental listening from other people .

Talking sticks were used most often during council circles for matters considered of importance to decide who had the right to speak.

Each person would say what they had to say without interruption, the stick would then be passed to anyone else who wished to have a say, again without fear of interuption.

Whoever holds the talking stick should bear in mind the power of words, 'sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me' is probably one of the least true sayings on this planet!

Words have real power and when spoken in anger may hurt and damage a situation or person.

Sometimes during discussions, debates or disputes people do not listen, the talking stick helps the speaker to be thoughtful, considered and mindful of his words and respectful of those around him, while the persons who are not holding the stick are requested to show their respect by actually listening.

When a Talking Stick is crafted with care and attention and decorated with symbolic meaning it imbues any discussion with a sense of ceremony and importance, therefore the talking stick is a wonderful and respectful way of communication, showing mutual respect and for truly listening to anothers point of view. The talking stick has the same relevance today as it always had for true communication amongst groups and familys etc.

The talking stick gives the speaker the right to free speech without fear of judgement or disrespect

The Runes

The Futhark Alphabet

Rune Stones are engraved stones or crystals sometimes made from wood staves engraved with the letters of the Runic alphabet and are now seeing a renaissance as a powerful tool of divination.

Futhark Runes originated from Northern Europe, there are usually 25 runes in a set including the blank rune each one with one letter of the Runic alphabet engraved or painted on it with the exception of the blank rune.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Divination states that the word Rune actually means 'whisper' or 'secret'.

There are many myths surrounding the Runes, one of the better known and accepted is that of Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom, who hung upside down from the world tree for nine days.....

The Speech Of The High One (from the Old Norse The Poetic Edda) AD1200

'I know I hung on that windswept tree

Swung there for nine long nights

Wounded by my own blade

Bloodied for Odin

Bound to the tree

that no man knows

whither the roots of it run

None gave me bread

none gave me drink

down to the deepest depths I peered

Until I spied the Runes

With a roaring cry I seized them up

then dizzy and fainting I fell

Well being I won

and wisdom too

I grew and took joy in my growth

from a word to a word

from a deed to another deed

The 'World Tree' is also known as 'Yggdrasil'

Reading The Runes

a popular spread is:

Three Rune Spread

With an issue clearly in your mind select three runes from the bag

Place them so that they are read from RIGHT to LEFT, in other words the first rune which represents the situation is far right, the middle rune is action, the action required, and the left rune represents the new situation

The sequence:

3.. New Situation



The Futhark Runic Alphabet:

1. Mannaz -The Self

2. Gebo -Partnership, Gift

3. Ansuz - Signals, Messenger Rune, The God Lloki

4. Othila - Retreat, Inheritance

5.Uruz - Strength Manhood, Womanhood, A Wild Ox

6. Perth -Initiation, Something Hidden, A Secret Matter

7. Nauthiz -Constraint, Necessity, Pain

8. Inguz- Feritility. New Beginnings, The Hero God Ing

9. Eihwaz - Defence, Avertive Powers, The Yew Tree

10. Algiz - Protection, Sedge or Rushes, The Elk

11.Fehu -Posessions, Nourishment, Cattle

12. Wunjo - Joy Light

14. Kano - Opening, Fire, Torch

15. Teiwaz -Warrior Energy, Vctory, The Sky, The God Tiw

16. Berkana - Growth, Rebirth, A Birch Tree

17. -Ehwaz -Movement, Progress, The Horse

18. Laguz - Flow, Water, That Which Conducts

19 Hagalaz -Disruptive natural forces, Elemental Power, Hail

20. Raido -A Journey, Communication, Union, Re-union

21. Thurisaz - Gateway, Place of non action, The God Thor

22. Dagaz - Breakthrough, Transformation, Day

23. Isa - Standstill, That Which Impedes, Ice

24 Sowelu - Wholeness, Life Force, The Suns energy

25 The Blank Rune - The Unknowable, The God Odin

The Ogham Alphabet

The Ogham (owam) is the sacred Druid alphabet. The ancient Celtic people believed that trees were inhabited by spirits and some trees had healing powers.

Oak Ash and Thorn were regarded as 'Faery Trees' where they grew together, a triad of trees.

The Ogham alphabet was used by the Celts to practise magic and painted or engraved staves were used for divination.

Beth -Birch -November

Luis - Rowan - December

Fearn-Alder January

Saille -Willow-February






Quert-Apple-No month

Creating Sacred Space

Smudging Technique -Creating Sacred Space

Smudging is the burning of smudge wands, usually sage and sage blends with the intention of clearing a space, whether that is your home or office or any place where negative energy has built up, some people use smudging techniques to clear and purify the auras and also for healing.

Traditional sage smudge wands are favoured by many people who conduct smudging, it is an ancient and sacred technique associated with Native American Indian practises for hundreds of years. Incense sticks can be used however we believe sage smudge is the best and most powerful.

Before undertaking a smudging ceremony you should clean the area where you will be conducting the ritual. If you are smudging the whole house for example, clean every room, clear all clutter and unwanted items, (don't be tempted to hide in drawers or cupboards.

Clean each room thoroughly by vacuuming or sweeping, dusting, clean the windows, tops of doors, under beds, change the bedding, basically give the house a good spring clean. Some people like to have a bath before a smudging ritual, others may prefer to bathe afterwards.

Once you have cleaned whichever space you wish to clear ensure you choose a time you will be left undisturbed.

Gather what you require to conduct the smudging, a smudge wand (stick), matches or lighter, a fire proof dish to place the smouldering smudge stick on and carry it from room to room. Open windows, this allows the smoke to leave.

Light the end of the smudge stick, wait for it to catch, once it begins to smoulder with smoke blow out any flame, once the stick is smouldering with smoke begin by working clockwise around each room allowing the smoke to move upwards and into the room, particularly the corners, behind doors, under tables and cupboards.

Starting at the bottom of the house and working your way through each of the rooms clockwise and then again upstairs, don't forget to include bathrooms, hallways, lobbys, no matter how small the space. You may like to use a feather to guide the smoke or you can use a hand.

Focus and concentrate on your intention while you are conducting the smudge. You may like to say a prayer, quote a psalm, speak words of power, whatever your believ system and those that mean something to you, they should always be positive.

Once you have finished ensure the smudge stick is completely extinguished and hang in a place which is dry.

Ground yourself by eating something small or drinking a cup of tea or similar.

Once you feel that the negative energy has dispersed you can conduct a second smudging this time concentrating on bringing light positive energy into the space. This is not absolutely essential but it is a nice way to finish

Take care with any kind of smoke, including incense particularly if you or anyone present has asthma or chest complaints

The Wheel Of The Year

The Wheel of the Year is the Pagan cycle of the year and it's seasons.

Within the Wheel of the Year are eight festivals, known as the Minor and Major Sabbats.

Four of these festivals are Celtic in origin, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain.

The four remaining festivals mark the Sun's cycles, the Spring and Autumn Equinox, this is when the length of the day is exactly the same as the length of the night and the Winter and Summer Solstices, marking the longest and shortest days of the year.

Stonehenge and other neolithic sites are giant solar calenders where people have gathered to honour and celebrate the Solstices since ancient times

The Wheel of the Year symbolises the changes in seasons and this reflects back to the very essence of life, our own changing seasons in our physical, as well as, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The 8 festivals or Sabbats:

Yule- 21-23rd December

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the return of the Sun. We often see a yule log now in the form of a chocolate swiss roll at Christmas however the Yule log was traditionally a wooden log burnt at this time as Yule is a fire festival, it was believed to banish evil spirits and conquer the darkness, it also symbolised the return of the Sun, the light. A part of the Yule log is kept for the following year to kindle the fire for the new Yule log for the following year.

The Druids knew the Winter Solstice as 'Alban Arthun' and this was the time when the Chief Druid would cut the sacred Mistletoe from the Oak tree, a golden sickle was used on the sixth day of the Moon.

This is the time when Herne (the Hunter) rules the darkest days of the year, the king of nature. He is depicted with the antlers of a deer

Imbolc - Feb 2nd

"As the light lengthens, so the cold strengthens" A fire festival, which honours the Goddess Brigit. Bridgit is the Goddess of healing and fertility. this is a time when the strength of the Sun begins to increase, a returning of the light and warmth which aids the growth of new things, in nature aswell as ourselves. A perfect time to honour the Earth and cycle of growth and fertility by planting seeds in the earth and the mind. The first show of snowdrops, the first sign that the darkness is ending and we are moving into the light of spring.

It's a time for clearing the old out moded thoughts and stagnant views and making way for fresh new life and ideas, it is a time to spring clean, not only the home but your emotions and mind.

As the Earth is ready to bring forth new shoots then so must you, fresh ideas, fresh shoots, it is a time to begin afresh and to welcome the Maiden. The goddess Brigit is honoured at this time.

Clear any unwanted or outmoded clutter from the home, ask the children of the family to give away any unused or unwanted toys following the Christmas celebrations, the new will come when there is space.

Imbolc is the the traditional time to craft a corn dolly to honour Bridgit.

Ostara -March 20-23rd

Spring Equinox

The word Easter originates from Eostre, the Goddess of ancient times.

Now the days are growing longer, the Spring flowers, Daffodils, Crocus, Primroses are flowering, it is a time to celebrate the coming of the spring, natures breathtaking beauty and colour, the Goddess Eostre is honoured at Ostara.

This is a fertile time, a time when the lambs appear in the fields, new love blossoms in the young, everything is vibrant, forceful and energised, a time also of the Green Man and Green Woman, he is born of Mother Earth in the Winter and lives until Samhain.

We still celebrate to this day with Easter Eggs, which are symbolic of the goddess, fertility, new life, a wonderful tradition is to paint real eggs with pretty spring colours to decorate the home.

A great way to honour this joyful season is to plant something new, protecting the Earth, make compost, start an allotment, plant a tree, put out a bird table and wild bird food etc, provide a safe place for nesting, other forms of wildlife also need protecting, wild flowers and bumble bees for example.

A Major Sabbat, a fire festival. This is the most popular time of the year for handfastings, a celebration of the coming of Summer.

Many people still celebate this time with the lighting of fires, a particularly important Beltane festival is still held in Edinburgh every year. Dancing around the Maypole is part of the Beltane celebrations.

This is the time when Pagans celebrate the God and Goddess becoming lovers.

Litha or Lithia - June 20-23rd

Midsummer or Summer Solstice, the the sun stands still, it is the longest day of the year and the sun is at it's highest.

The Goddess is at her most powerful. After this time the Sun begins to decline. This is one of the most popular times for Pagans to visit ancient sites such as Avebury and Stonehenge to watch the Sun rise on the morning of the Solstice. Many other sites are visited across the land to celebrate the Summmer Solstice. "

"As the sun spirals its longest dance,

Cleanse us

As nature shows bounty and fertility

Bless us

Let all things live with loving intent

And to fulfill their truest destiny"

Wiccan blessing for Summer

Lammas -Lughnasadh -(loo-nasa) this time honours the God Lugh, a time of harvest, of gathering and storing the crops.

Mabon -Autumn Equinox

now day and night are of equal length, it is the time before the dark again begins, it is the dying of the Sun, a time of melancholic beauty, when the leaves on the trees turn a golden colour and fall to decorate the Earth, it's a good time for reflection and a taking stock of the past year.

This is the time animals will gather and store their food and get ready for hibernation. The fruits of the trees drop and rest in the earth waiting for re-birth.

A good time to give thanks for the harvest, to thank the Goddess for her bounty and a time for the harvest festivals to be held in Christian churches.

"We give ourselves time to stop and breathe deeply, to feel the satisfaction of what has been achieved, to start to relax. For resting and contemplation"

Emma Restall Orr, Joint Chief of the British Druid Order

Samhain -(sowinn)

the Feast of the Dead, some pagans celebrate Samhain as the Celtic new year, this is the time when the Celts believed the veil between the two worlds becomes thin and contact with the spirit world becomes possible.

Non Pagans call this time Halloween.

For Pagans Samhain is not a morbid celebration, old age is celebrated for it's wisdom, honouring those loved ones who have passed on is a large part of the celebration, contacting ancestors and spiritsparticularly for Shamans is now at it's most potent.

The death of the old year symbolises death in relationships, ideas, endings of all kinds, including actual physical death, a time to come to terms with all endings and move on.

Honour loved ones who have passed at this time, by setting a place for them at table when eating a special meal, light a candle with a photograph of them and thank them for the special qualities they brought to your life.

Ask them for help and guidance on your journey through this life

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